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Try to bet - virtual betting emulator with a fake money. You can play against a fake bookmaker with real odds supplied by Unibet and bet-at-home.
If you have any ideas how to make our web site better please leave a comment. Thank you
Category: Fake Betting Game

pvizbxtu,  2024-05-31:
Add tennis 500+ and conference league and this website is GOATED
kbvbvk41,  2024-05-31:
decee4,  2024-04-10:
It would be great to see tennis tournaments as well
GAME,  2024-03-09:
razvanmanciu53,  2023-08-27:
guys, please update my results...It has been more than a week now.
razvanmanciu53,  2023-08-09:
can you please update my results? more than 48 hours have passed...
razvanmanciu53,  2023-07-25:
Is it possible for you to add Conference League?
noyedwab,  2023-02-15:
noyedwab,  2023-02-12:
Chiefs vs. Eagles: Super Bowl 57. I have the Chiefs winning 33-23. Enjoy the game everybody and as always be safe.
szigetilaszlo37,  2021-09-12:
tennis handball american football
simionjose94,  2021-05-08:
Hellow trytobet site but me I want this project script help because I want to open betting site
Juma_doom,  2021-05-01:
Any chance that you can add tennis? Perhaps for the major events only.
kenann.bara,  2021-04-21:
Hello, if u can add northern ireland league, bosnian premier league, and some other tips like half-time/full-time or home team scores and similiar and the "multiple features" someone mentioned actually exist in most betting places like home team wins and over 1,5 goals best regards
West Ham Dave ICF,  2021-04-04:
I would like to see betting in play added
muelisto,  2020-12-21:
Really good idea, thank you very much!
rocketrobbo87,  2020-10-05:
I love this idea!! Need a user friendly iOS app.. instead of browser but this is fine all the same!! And wish I had options for horses as I find that fun. Just lose too much! So on here would be a blast
trytobet.org,  2020-09-07:
You can find it under "Southern Europe" menu
cleodepo13,  2020-09-01:
could you add the greek super leauge
trytobet.org,  2020-06-19:
I'm not sure betting companies allow that because these events are related so single bet is not an option.
jacobhamiltonnutz,  2020-06-17:
Hi, I love your service, being able to practice betting, however I would love the ability to bet on multiple features on a single match. For example a team to win AND over 1.5 goals.
TurBo,  2020-03-15:
Hello. When I try resetting my password, it doesn't send anything to my mail account (Yes, I have checked the Spam folder and all others, there is nothing about your site, unfortunately). So I had to make a new TryToBet account from an other mail (this one, obviously). However, I would like to get back my old account. What's up with that? Any clue why I am not getting any mail confirmations when trying resetting my old TryToBet account? Thanks in advance!
tim888882,  2020-02-18:
I would love to see the first division from The Netherlands added to this site if possible.
Marianbichis,  2019-10-13:
End maybe you put some clasament for all user wich player it’s first woth 30000$ end etc :)
Marianbichis,  2019-10-13:
Romanian league pls
ryanmirbagheri2003,  2019-09-28:
Add the odds for both teams to score in a game please. Thanks
kga66379,  2019-06-24:
Do you have the Women World Cup, and if not can you add it?
Eddy Malou,  2019-05-11:
Excellent, good job. Thank you.
xenud,  2019-04-09:
KrazyDave B9,  2018-05-12:
It would be nice to add other markets to the current selections, it's difficult using what I have since some teams I like to play them under other markets instead of being forced to use options I never like to use. Thankz
Guru,  2018-05-04:
Please add "Both teams to score" market to your games.I like it and need it a lot.Thank you.
jariV,  2018-03-29:
trytobet.org,  2018-03-28:
Jari, money added to your account. We really apologize for the problem you experienced on our web site, we faced some problems accessing PayPal services to verify the transaction. Thank you for your patience.
jariV,  2018-03-26:
someone experience with money deposit on trytobet? Deposited money, but no money on my account :-)
Cro_pro,  2018-01-19:
Can you add croatian 1. Hnl
stefan81,  2018-01-16:
Dear trytobet.org, I support the idea of TurBo97 - to display all matches of the given day on the main page. PS. Are there any plans to add tennis as well??
TurBo97,  2017-10-23:
Thanks for considering my idea as well as for answering the message. Yeah, I'm glad that You've got the point there. If Try to bet manages to have so-called "match-offer-to-play-today" in one place with all leagues sorted by match start, that would truly be an awesome and helpful change. So briefly, what would make much easier for betting is to have all today's matches in one preview without being sorted into groups/leagues/competitions (e.g.: Champions League, England etc). Finally, having offer to bet on with all available today's matches in one preview would make it easier to make a ticket without having to click on every single league/competition from the left side and check on each just to see what's up in our offer-to-play. And yeah, one more good addition would be to extend possibilities and offers to bet on by adding things like "Both teams will (not) score goals", "1/1", "X/1", "2/2" etc. Thanks in advance.
trytobet.org,  2017-09-29:
We think this is a great idea to display all today's offers on a single page, we will try to include it into next release. Usually there are many matches over the weekend, we plan to provide two ways to sort matches: by league popularity (according to the left menu Champions League, Europa League and England go first) and by match start time. If you have any ideas please share with us. Thank you for the valuable feedback!
TurBo97,  2017-09-28:
Hello. Could you please do a little update where in our offers of matches to play we would have all possible leagues to bet on together rather than having them separate (what's the case on the left side of the site where we have all different sports, competitions and leagues)? I think it's not so easy, and also takes a lot of time, to check on every single league (ex. Champions League, Europa League, England, Spain etc) in order to see what's up in today's offer to bet on. Thanks in advance.
trytobet.org,  2017-09-01:
We've added Scottish Championship, Scottish League 1 and League 2. Enjoy the game
ayelovebetting,  2017-07-08:
Could you please add scottish championship, scottish league 1 and league 2 aswell as maybe highland league?? Much regards!
playerrp,  2014-12-20:
Can you add some more bets such as half time results, time of goals and league table bets?
playerrp,  2014-12-20:
Dear trytobet, I have a suggestion to improve the game. For the "Total Goals" bet type, can you add some more choices such as "4-5", "6-7" and ">7"? I saw that your current choices for this bet type are only "0-1" and "2-3". If a match has more than three goals, then all bets placed on the "total goals" would be lost and it would be very unfair. It would be more fair if these additional choices are added because football matches are not just limited to three goals. Thank you.
messivaljon,  2014-09-25:
wow the best game ever.
dani19970420,  2014-08-27:
Can you do more special bets to the matches? For example: handicaps, first half results etc.
bravakrava098,  2014-04-16:
Can you add Croatian HNL1 ????
trytobet.org,  2014-03-09:
Chris, you can clear your history using Betting Game->Tools->Reset tool. Average time to process a bet is 30-40 min, we are working on to make it work faster.
Chris,  2014-02-16:
I was wondering what happens when your balance drop to zero? and also is it not possible so that all bets are settled instantly when a match finishes? makes tracking accumulators easier and betting experience more realistic
playerrp,  2013-11-10:
Dear trytobet, I have another suggestion to improve the game. For the "Total Goals" bet type, can you add some more choices such as "4-5", "6-7" and ">7"? I saw that your current choices for this bet type are only "0-1" and "2-3". If a match has more than three goals, then all bets placed on the "total goals" would be lost and it would be very unfair. It would be more fair if these additional choices are added because football matches are not just limited to three goals. Thank you.
trytobet.org,  2013-10-21:
We added English League 1 and English League 2 (Betting - Soccer - England). Also recently we added Swedish Allsvenskan and Greek Superleague (Betting - Soccer - Europe). Thank you for interesting our game!
playerrp,  2013-10-06:
Dear trytobet, I have been supporting and betting on this website for the past three months and I have enjoyed the game even though I did not win all the bets. Can you put up the English League One and English League Two matches up as well so I can bet on them as well. It will be fun if I get to bet on matches from lower leagues instead of just concentrating on the higher leagues. Thank you.
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