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Virtual Betting Game

Try to bet - virtual betting emulator with a fake money. You can play against fake bookmaker with real odds supplied by BetClic and William Hill.
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How much time it takes to process a bet?
Usually it takes 20 minutes to calculate a bet. But unfortunately some match results we get with a delay. We check all events every day at 11:30PM GMT to make sure all events are processed and refund if match was cancelled.

I'm interested in league trytobet does not support
Supported leagues cover over 90% of Europian soccer betting market. But if you are really interested in any other league just leave a comment and we'll add your league as soon as possible.

What happens if I lose all the betting "money"?
You can play even if you balance is below zero. But if you want to start over just go to Betting Game - Tools - Reset. Once this option is used you will be removed from Best Players rating.


I want to bet on casino-based games. Can you recommend any?
We offer sport betting games only, but we suggest to check trustworthy casino guides and reviews on www.viparabcasinos.com.

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Happy New 2018!

Happy New Year from trytobet.org team! We wish you a lot of interesting games, successful bets, earnings and incredible emotions. We believe this gonna be an amazing year!
And a few words about our future plans. In 2017 we started predictions market, it went great though there was one unsuccessful month but finally we finished with a good profit. We expect that our market will grow, on our side we promise to improve and keep this market safe and fair for you. Small updates to prediction rules coming soon. Also in 2018 we plan to improve our web site, soon we'll add a new page to display all upcoming events, also we plan some small interface changes to improve usability. We work hard to make this game better for you. Have fun!
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Sports Predictions: November 2017

After three successful months our the only one seller has failed. The profit was $3.40 which is less than subscription price. We recommend our buyers to plays on best betting portals provide the best odds. For example we grab odds from bet-at-home while William Hill and Bet365 provide +7% higher odds. So we hope our buyers earned much more but anyway according to the rules three buyers bought this subscription were not charged, their subscription were extended, seller has got one extra month to demonstrate earning greater than subscription price. And honestly we expect much better results than $7.00.
Based on the current month results we are going to revise our rules to avoid situation a seller provides risky bets at the end of failed month. We want our service to be safe, trusted, easy to use and easy to earn.
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Online Casinos Games

Many players ask us about casino-based games. We work on sport betting products only, but we suggest to check casino guides and reviews on online-casino-arabic.com.
This portal provides full list of online casinos, slot machines, roulettes, blackjack and online poker games available in Arab countries with detailed reviews, actual offers and bonuses, game tutorials, instructions and gambling rules. You can find all the information required to choose trustworthy gambling company, find interesting games to play online, compare roulettes, casinos and online poker bonuses to choose best signup bonus. Also you can get some important withdrawal rules and easy tips to start play quickly and enjoy the most exciting games around the web.
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Sports Predictions: September 2017

Hello all! Our team is glad to report that first month of our prediction market went excellent. First buyers earned up to $200.00 which is 10 times more than average bet stake! Also there is a user bought subscription on Sep 04 and earned $226.60! Great job from STAR BETS seller and we wish you the same results in the future! And we hope new sellers will appear soon.
We are proud to say that buyers were excited about the application, specially rule that forces a seller to submit a bet 12 hours before match start, that means buyers can check for a new bets once a day. Users found it very useful. If you have any ideas how to improve our application please leave a comment or use feedback form.
Also we want to ask your opinion about some application settings: maximum stake for a seller is $20.00. To become a seller you should have average profit at least $25.00. Do you think it makes sense to adjust these settings? Leave a comment with proposed values. Thank you!
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Verified Sport Predictions

We are glad to announce that new feature has been released! Now users are good at betting can sell their predictions. There are very strict rules to allow users to sell predictions: we analyze at least 100 bets for last 4 months, user should have monthly profit greater than $25.00 while max bet stake is $10.00 (for instance: there is a successful bet $1,000 x 1.67 = profit is $670 will be calculated as $10 x 1.67 = $6.70 profit). Last 100 bets is enough to verify a seller. Also we verify existing sellers against the same rules every month.
Any user can buy predictions using PayPal payment method. If subscription fails (profit is less than subscription price) then trytobet.org returns money to a buyer. So its safe method to buy verified sport predictions. New football season has started, it's time to earn money. Good luck!
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Buy or Sell Sports Predictions

Many players complained that site administration shares their bet for free. That sounds reasonable and we closed account with free betting tips. But we are glad to announce new web site feature will be release on August 2017. Successful players earn more than $25.00 per month (maximum stake amount will be reduced from 1000 to 20.00) will be able to sell sport predictions. All other users can buy these sports predictions for 1 month, money will be transferred to seller only if buyer earned more than monthly subscriptions price. Otherwise money will be returned to a buyer. We plan to support PayPal payment options. See you soon!
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Gambling Web Site Reviews

When choosing a casino or sports book many players want to read a professional review before. On www.bestonlineslots.info you will find casino reviews, top 10 online slot games, casino bonuses etc. For those players whose native language is Arabic there is a great option – www.bestarabiccasinos.com offers you reviews of best online casinos in Arabic - or افضل الكازينوهات العربية. For players with Russian origin it is a good idea to visit www.onlinecasinoworld.ru where all the same information could be found in Russian language – best online casinos (лучшие онлайн казино), casino games, bonuses and news.
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Martingale: fake tactic

Martingale is the very popular gambling strategy, a lot of people use it and... lose. The single rule states: increase your stake until you win. Devil says its impossible that you can lose all the time. Right, but you do not need to lose all the time, just until you run out of money. Math tells us it will be soon.
Many of you played roulette. Lets stake $1.00 on the "black". If lose then next time we stake $2.00 on "black". No luck again? Then next step is $4.00. The probability to win is always 1/2. Actually less than 1/2 because casino gets 1/37. The probability to lose ten times in a row is 1/1024. Sounds like almost impossible? No, its just couple hours of interesting game.
So we want to win $1.00. First stake is $1.00. But unfortunatelly we lost ten times in a row. So next stake is $1,024.00. To win $1.00 we have to stake more than one thousand! Ready to bet? Chances to win? Still the same: 1/2.
Every time you increase stake you just increase the risk. Risk to lose all your money. "Double stake" rule can quickly get the game out of your control. We strongly do not recommend to use this tactic.
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Virtual Betting

Rule number 0, the most important: don't get involved. Millions of people play and most of them loose. Because there is no easy way to win. You really need to know your sport to win. Even if you buy sport predictions you need to know teams, league to analyze risk and estimate your chances. Do not increase bet stake if you lost, this is the most popular advice on the web but its definitely fake tactic. That's certain the way to lose more money, not return your lost.
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